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You know I was kind of an emotionally tapped in, emotionally connected, little kid. And I was being raised on a dairy farm in Nebraska. I learned that being an emotionally connected little kid was not so acceptable on a dairy farm in Nebraska. I remember making the decision that I was going to toughen up. I wasn’t going to allow myself be so emotional. I covered up that piece of myself and, in the Best Chiropractor Blythe CA 92226 process, disconnected from a essential part of myself when I did that. Like I say to my practice members, disconnecting from parts of yourself is a recipe for great pain.

There’s a subsequent incident that happened in which I had a nasty ATV accident. It kind of messed me up. I began to have all sorts of odd musculo-skeletal things in my body; pain and numbness and burning. Luckily my father took me to his chiropractic Blythe CA 92226 doctor.

This chiropractic doctor that my father took me to see was a conventional chiropractic doctor. He would adjust my vertebrae and such. He started working on me and I remember what could only be described as a light growing within me. Along with that, my body started to feel much better and work better and the lack of sensation and pain and burning began to go away. But then some other things started to go Best Chiropractor Blythe CA 92226 away too; symptoms I had thought were normal. I had had a lot of headaches and I would also get a nasty bronchial infection that would come back annually. Those things started to resolve themselves, too.

So there was this feeling of this light expanding within me, and at the same time my body was healing itself. The thought that that was possible was a really interesting notion. So I said to myself, “Wow, maybe I’ll Blythe CA 92226 become a chiropractic specialist some day.”

Fast forward and I did wind up attending chiropractic school. I was studying under some conventional chiropractic doctors there; some guys who were just like the chiropractic specialist who my father had taken me to. Even then I had this chronic lower back pain that would keep coming back. They would adjust me and then the pain would recede, then the lumbar pain would come back and I’d get adjusted Blythe CA 92226 again. This continued. Not much was changing. I thought that, if I was going to be a chiropractic doctor, I would be a bit of a fraud if I wasn’t able to heal myself and I wanted to find the thing that might allow people to heal themselves.

There were some people in certain circles at chiropractic college who were talking about the notion that your body was connected to your life and that change in Blythe CA 92226 your body might produce change in your life and the other way around. In regards to my own back pain, there was some sort of pattern. I noticed the part of the cycle where the symptoms would surface. Then I would get treated and the symptoms would start to disappear. After that I would always go back to living my life the same way I was before. And then the pain would always reoccur at Blythe CA 92226 some point. It occurred to me that perhaps there was something occurring in my life between the occurrences of the pain that was causing the pain; a part of the cycle that I couldn’t, as yet, perceive.

I began to consider some other techniques in the hopes that there was something or somebody who might help me with my dilemma. Some friends of mine recommended that I see this woman who practiced this Network Care, or Blythe CA 92226 Network Chiropractic, technique. Coming from a dairy farm in Nebraska, I was very dubious. But this chiropractor really connected with some aspect of me, almost certainly that emotionally connected young boy part that I had suppressed. So I began care with her.

After about seven sessions I remember feeling this light, again, expanding on the inside of me. It was obvious to me that something quite interesting was happening to me but, when it was occurring, Blythe CA 92226 I wasn’t certain what it was. It was after my fifteenth session, as I was leaving the office I instantly noticed that the colors were very vivid. I began to experience this extraordinary sensation in my body. This sensation was prompting me to think about my parents and how great they were, and my girlfriend and how great she was, and this great opportunity that I had at chiropractic school. At the exact same time, Blythe CA 92226 I was also aware of how I’d been being a jerk and if I was having difficulties with my professors and my girlfriend and my mother and father and my life, it was owing to the way in whichI was being in the world. So I made several changes.

In hindsight I see now that that incredible feeling that was flowing through me was gratefulness. Apparently I had not felt gratefulness for such a long time Blythe CA 92226 that I had forgotten what it felt like. This veil had been removed from my eyes. Suddenly I could see how I was being in my life and how I was interacting with it in ways that I could not see previously. That was very exciting to me and really fun. I thought life could be an exploration; an adventure. Besides that, the chronic lumbar pain that I was suffering from noticeably changed.

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